Walking Billboard

Did you know that you are a walking billboard? It’s true! People can take one look at you and tell all kinds of things about who you are as a person.

Are you wearing a uniform? That tells about where you work or go to school. Do you have purple, spiked hair or facial piercings? That tells something about you as well.

Set Apart

As Christians, the Bible says we are to be set apart. “Set apart” encompasses many aspects of our lives including the way we dress. Someone should be able to look at you and tell that you’re a Christian.

Another, more obvious, way to convey a message to the world is T-shirts. How many times have you been walking on the street, somebody had something written on their T-shirt, and you tried to read it before they passed you by?

T-shirts Rule

That is why I love my new T-shirt from Outreach Kingdom. It’s a good conversation starter too. “‘Born again with fire and water’… What does that mean?” “Well, let me tell ya about Acts 2:38!”

The T-shirt itself is made of soft, 100% combed cotton. The material is nice and thick, not thin or see-through. It’s a nice hip-length which is good for leaving out or tucking in. Probably my favorite feature, though it may seem silly to you, is the tag that’s made especially to tear out! It’s a plus if you’re like me and usually cut all the tags out of your clothes!

Outreach Kingdom is also an Apostolic-owned company which is nice if you’re like me and want to support Apostolic small businesses. Here is their website if you would like to take a look for yourself. Have a great weekend, and God bless!

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Yolanda Sommers

Single mother of four children living in Washington state. Received the precious Holy Ghost on June 7, 2011 and living the good life ever since!