Ramblings from the Wilderness- Intro

barren wilderness at night with a small wooden sign written in a foreign language

This is a collection of seven letters that I wrote to God during a very, very dark time in my life. The purpose for publishing these letters is not to get sympathy but rather to give you a look into the mind of someone with mental illness and help the world realize that looks can be deceiving.

Any references to my church or friends are how my broken mind perceived things at the time, not the reality. My pastor, church, family, and friends have always been 100% excellent towards me in every way. I would put on my mask every morning, and most people never had a clue that anything was wrong.

My depression was sparked by my divorce, but the devil won’t just leave you alone when you’re down. He will take full advantage of the situation and warp your thoughts and viewpoint of the rest of the world.

I no longer feel this way, praise God! I’ve kept these letters in a box for years, never fully realizing the reason why. Perhaps this was their purpose all along...

Published by

Yolanda Sommers

Single mother of four children living in Washington state. Received the precious Holy Ghost on June 7, 2011 and living the good life ever since!

6 thoughts on “Ramblings from the Wilderness- Intro”

  1. You’re such a fighter! I haven’t read your letters yet, but I will and I’m looking forward to reading them. The thing that caught my attention was that you’re a single mother. My parents divorced ever since I was in Kindergarten and my mom has been a single mother ever since (now she’s engaged). I have a huge heart for children who has divorced parents because I know the struggle of having to go to another house every other weekend (thank God I don’t have to do that anymore!) Please don’t stop sharing your story with others because it is meant to inspire someone! When you get a chance, listen to the song, “Scars” By I Am They. By reading your blog post, it reminded me of that song✨💗

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      1. Even though it hurts, you have done the right thing by doing that to protect your children from being hurt. Mine has been out of my life since my freshman year of high school and I’m a junior in college now – my faith in God has grown so much over the years by not having him in my life. It has been a blessing in disguised. I know that God has someone waiting for you because you so deserve it and I pray that he will come along soon. The wait will be worth it and God always comes right on time!✨💗

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