One Hour Daily Phone Use Challenge- Days 2, 3, and 4

This post is all about how the rest of my week is going without using my phone more than one hour per day- as monitored by the Screen Time app on my iPhone. To start at the beginning, read here.

Day Two

Immediately after scheduling my post to be published last night, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to share it onto my personal Facebook or either of my Instagram accounts (personal and blog account).

Now then, being a blogger, I tried to reason that perhaps I should allow myself to go on IG and FB with the sole intent to post my new blog post and promptly exit. I debated the pros and cons of this for a while before I decided to just wait until Saturday when my social media fast is up and post it then.

Also, I had the issue today with my kids pestering me to play on my phone. Of course, I couldn’t really allow that because that would be minutes towards my limit! Sure, I could subtract their time from the total, but that’s too much work and I want to make sure I’m accurate.

Total screen time today- 45 minutes

Day 3

I thought about something today that I had thought about before, but this challenge has given me a whole, new perspective on things- if you are reading the Bible at Starbucks on your phone, nobody knows what you’re doing, but if you are reading an actual Bible- it’s like being a witness without saying a word. Almost anyone can glance at the two-column pages and instantly identify it.

Mostly, what I miss about no social media is not sharing Bible verses and uplifting quotes. Most of my IG and FB feed is Bible verses and quotes- with some pictures of my kids sprinkled here and there of course. Many times, someone I don’t even know will comment that what I posted was exactly what they needed to hear. I guess that’s the positive side of social media.

Total screen time today- 41 minutes

Day 4

I rarely have to make phone calls when I’m not at work, but today, I had to call three people. One was my babysitter and the others were my manager and campus security. Because… I set off the security alarm at the high school and it wouldn’t go off! But all is well.

I was going to subtract my phone call time from my screen time, but I restricted my screen time even more to see if I could still keep the total under an hour. Now, if it were my mom or someone who I would talk to for 30+ minutes, I would just subtract the time because I don’t think talking on the phone should count as screen time. To me, having a conversation is socializing, not just playing on my phone.

Total screen time today- 51 minutes including phone calls


If you see my post on my Apostolic Momma FB page, that’s because it posts automatically from WordPress- so I am still staying true to my no social media rule 🙂

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Yolanda Sommers

Single mother of four children living in Washington state. Received the precious Holy Ghost on June 7, 2011 and living the good life ever since!

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