Saddle Up!

I don’t particularly like doing outreach. There, I said it. I can be painfully timid when talking to strangers and attempting to witness. Some people are great at it, and if that’s you, Lord bless you. Because I don’t enjoy outreach, I feel as though I am failing to do my part in the great commission.

My pastor has a new saying at our church, “Saddle up!” In essence, it means to just do something, anything for the Lord. It could be doing outreach, teaching Bible studies, posting an invitation on social media, handing out flyers, or posting a flyer on a bulletin board. Anything in an attempt to reach people. I do enjoy hiding behind my screen and posting on social media, so that is what I do. And I never know, maybe somebody somewhere has come to church from an invitation on my Instagram.

I am reminded of an old song called “Thank You” by Ray Boltz. The song is about a dream of being in heaven with his friend who is meeting people whose lives he changed. Some of the lyrics go like this:

Then another man stood before you
And said, “Remember the time
A missionary came to your church
And his pictures made you cry?
You didn’t have much money
But you gave it anyway
Jesus took the gift you gave
And that’s why I’m here today.”

Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am a life that was changed
Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am so glad you gave

One by one they came
Far as the eye could see
Each life somehow touched
By your generosity
Little things that you had done
Sacrifices made
Unnoticed on the earth
In heaven, now proclaimed

And I know that up in Heaven
You’re not supposed to cry

But I am almost sure
There were tears in your eyes
As Jesus took your hand
And you stood before the Lord
He said, “My child, look around you
For great is your reward.”

Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am a life that was changed
Thank you for giving to the Lord
I am so glad you gave
I am so glad you gave

This song greatly encourages me. It talks about little things done that seemed to have gone unnoticed on earth but changed someone’s life for eternity. We may never know this side of Heaven the number of lives we have touched or the people we have influenced to give their life to the Lord. I just want to hear Him say, “Well done.” I hope this encourages someone today as much as it encouraged me.

Published by

Yolanda Sommers

Single mother of four children living in Washington state. Received the precious Holy Ghost on June 7, 2011 and living the good life ever since!

2 thoughts on “Saddle Up!”

  1. Dear Yolanda

    Thank you very much for this post. You should find in heaven there are still tears, but these will be tears of joy and laughter. The heavenly Father and His beautiful Boy Jesus, who became a Man will have clean hankies to wipe away the tears if you haven’t got one to hand!

    Or maybe they will just use their fingers gently.

    It is an excellent thing to be online and to have created a website as you have. When you get the confidence in one area this helps you in others.

    And when you do ‘die’ to yourself and are filled with the Holy Spirit completely as I was at last in early 2020, then you will fly and will have no fear.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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