Our Finest Gifts We Bring

If you drove past me this morning and saw me bawling in my car- don’t worry, I’m fine. Mostly. I mean, how can you hear “The Little Drummer Boy” and not shed a tear?

For years, every time I hear this song, I get choked up. I literally cannot sing it all the way through. But I never really knew why it got to me so much, until today. Let me break it down for you…

Come they told me
A new born king to see
Our finest gifts we bring
To lay before the king
So to honor him
When we come

I have always felt that I lacked any sort of real gift. I can’t play an instrument. I love to sing, but I’m not especially good at it. I don’t feel that I do anything well enough to be considered “gifted” or “talented” at it. This song starts out with “Our finest gifts we bring to lay before the king to honor him”.

Most of us know that the wise men brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh. But the little drummer boy lacked anything of monetary value:

Little baby
I am a poor boy too
I have no gift to bring
That’s fit to give our king
Shall I play for you
On my drum

The finest gift (as mentioned above) he had to offer was playing his drum. God never asks us to give Him something we don’t have. We don’t need to be wealthy and give expensive gifts in order to bring Him our finest gift. Whether it be a musical talent, baking, drawing, building things, or whatever you’re good at- you can use it to honor God.

Mary nodded
The ox and lamb kept time
I played my drum for him
I played my best for him
Then he smiled at me
Me and my drum

He played his best for Him. He figured, playing the drum is what I’m good at and I’m going to give Him my best. This is the line that gets me every time: “Then he smiled at me. Me and my drum”. God loves it when we use our gifts to honor Him!

So whatever you do, whatever your gift is; whether it be small or great- use it to honor the Lord and give him your best!

Also, if you have never heard the Pentatonix version of “The Little Drummer Boy”, I highly suggest you give it a listen.

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Yolanda Sommers

Single mother of four children living in Washington state. Received the precious Holy Ghost on June 7, 2011 and living the good life ever since!

5 thoughts on “Our Finest Gifts We Bring”

  1. Okay… now I’m bawling too 🙂 ❤ What a beautiful post at the end of such a long, hard, emotionally draining year when we really don't feel like we have anything to offer anyone. To know that He still wants whatever it is we can offer. Goodness… God bless you, Sis.

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