Daniel’s Fast Compliant 3-Ingredients, 3-Minutes Oatmeal

cereal, oatmeal on a spoon

I like oatmeal. I used to use the instant oatmeal packets because they were fast and easy. Some of them are even portioned for 100 calories, which made it even better in my opinion.

But one day, I wanted to start a 21-day Daniel’s fast and soon learned that my oatmeal packets were off limits. So, the search was on to find a clean, Daniel’s fast approved oatmeal recipe. Continue reading Daniel’s Fast Compliant 3-Ingredients, 3-Minutes Oatmeal

The Daniel Fast Food List

wooden crates filled with colorful fruits and vegetables.

I admit it- I eat way too much junk. I try to go on the Daniel Fast twice a year; not only for the spiritual aspect of it, which is its purpose, but to detox my body as well. The following is reposted from the website of Kristen Feola, author of The Ultimate Guide to the Daniel Fast. Go check out her amazing website for all things Daniel Fast.

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